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Bugema Adventist Secondary School (BASS) Alumni

BASS Alumni constitutes of those who joined the school for secondary education since 1950s to-date irrespective of the name of and location of the school.
Although the name of the school has changed over the years, the binding factor of BASS is that they all had their secondary education in the same system.
While the school alumni are many within and outside Uganda, their coming together as one body has hitherto remained a challenge. However, we are glad to note that there are some active alumni associations. These include:
  • Makerere University Bugema Old Students Association (MUBOSA)
MUBOSA membership constitutes all the alumni of the school who are still in Makerere university. Their role is to keep the family together, while from time to time they visit the school to inspire the current students to strive for excellence.
  • Bugema North America Association (BUNAA)
eMail: /
BUNAA, membership constitutes the alumni of the school who are now living and working in the United States of America and Canada. This association initiated and has sustained a scholarship / bursary scheme for at least 2 students per year since 2010. This opportunity is open to all bonafide students through application, screening by the school administration after which a short list is forwarded to the BUNAA Executive who choose the best two applicants. The aim of BUNAA is to promote leadership and excellence qualities among the students of the school. Their focus is on encouraging students to excel in what they do so that they can be competitive in the 21st century global market.
  • Bugema China Old Students Association (BUCOSA)
BUCOSA, membership constitutes the alumni of the school who are now living and working in China. The aim of this association is to support the current students through academic excellence awards for the best candidates at the national level and text books allowance given to at least 2 students per term.
  • Alumni Representative to the Board of Governors
Mr. Andrew Mukiibi | Tel: +256 77 686 8130 | eMail:
  • School Alumni Committee Chairperson
Mr. Ssensonga Netopher | Tel: +256 78 767 0903 | eMail:

Financial Information

Below is the school fees structure and a list of requirements (1st Term only). All costs are quoted in Uganda Shillings (UGX).
  • School Fees
Item / Class
| : - Senior One to Senior Three
| : - Senior Four to Senior Six
Amount (UGX)
  • Additional Fees
| : - Application & Admission Fee
| : - Identity Card (Annual)
| : - Song Book
| : - Food & Nutrition (Senior Three to Senior Six)
| : - Sabbath School (Quarterly)
| : - Basic Bible Manual

School Regulations

A copy will be issued on admission or download PDF.

You are requested to read through the School Bulletin, sign the acceptance form attached and report with it on registration.

BASS Projects

As part of the wholistic Christian education it is incumbent on the school to prepare children to meet the challenges ...M O R E
  • School Uniform
The school uniform MUST be worn at the school campus for all school days. Parents are advised to purchase socks (white for girls) and black / dark brown low-heeled shoes. Any other form of clothing found will be confiscated.

Item / Class
| : - Girls: Two Pairs of Uniform
| : - Boys: Two Pairs of Uniform
| : - Sabbath Shirt / Blouse
| : - Tie
| : - Two T-Shirts
| : - One Sweater
| : - Heavy Duty Sweater (Asthmatic Students)
| : - Sports Wear
Amount (UGX)

School Background

BASS offers both O' and A' level education in Arts and Science subjects with Computer Studies at A' Level ...M O R E
  • Dormitory Requirements
All boarding students are expected to report with the following on the first day
| : - Comb, hairbrush and mirror
| : - Four toilet paper rolls
| : - Jerrican & a pail or basin
| : - Medium size metallic suitcase
| : - Pant holder, and two towels
| : - A good mattress, blanket, and a pillow
| : - A spoon and fork
| : - Mosquito net, and two pairs of bedsheets
| : - Torch, and two pairs of cells
| : - Two towels
  • Classroom Requirements
Black / Counter books (15 for O' level and 12 for A' level), pens, pencils, graph papers, scientific calculator for Mathematics, Mathematical Set and Box file, Laboratory Over Coat and Dissecting Kit for ‘A’ Level Sciences.
  • Text Books
Find a list of text books that your son/daughter will need for his/her studies. Try to acquire relevant textbooks for the smooth learning of your child.
O' Level
| : - Dictionary
| : - Atlas
| : - Secondary School Mathematics NCDC
| : - Integrated English
| : - Biology Textbook
| : - Chemistry Textbook
| : - Physics textbook
A' Level
| : - Dictionary
| : - Relevant titles according to subjects offered